Chokpaisan Andaman Sea is one of
the best speed boat tour companies in Krabi.
Good tour programs, best services with reasonable
price. We also operate all kind of tours in Krabi.
We also provide verities of accommodation
from guest houses till 5 star hotels. So be our
guest to fulfill the best of your pleasure.

                Enjoy various kinds of our speed boat tour program. You will be impressed the beautiful marine resource of Andaman Ocean. Our speed boats are safe and well furnished. Our staff are well trained, friendly and fluent in English. We provide you good quality of life jackets and snorkeling gears.


                Relax and enjoy the beautiful nature of rain forest, Swimming and getting together with your friends and family. Pay the homage to the respectful images of Krabi town.If you would like more adventure, we have elephant riding to offer you.
You can enjoy beaches and rain forest of Krabi town


                Enjoy kayaking along the swamps and mangroves forest. See the beautiful of the crags and caves hidden among the lime stone cliff which are home to langur and the macaque, various type of birds including swallows and the kingfisher    

                We have many years experience with hotel business. So we familiar with majority of hotels in southern Thailand especially in Krabi. We also have extensive experience with customer service and their individual needs.


                Special prices for accommodation with various kinds of speed boat tour program. Enjoy the nature of marine resource of Andaman sea with comfortable accommodation .

ChokPaisanAndaman Speedboat 416/1 M.2 Ao Nang, Muang, Krabi 81000 Tel: 075-695340, 075-695341, 075-638393